The prizes continue...

Well, it's been a great week so far - cool prizes and today they continue to get cooler! And speaking of cooling off... We thought we'd feature one of our brides' favorite wedding program ideas - the fan. Having an outside or summer wedding? What a great way to share all of your wedding details and offer a cool breeze for your guests at the same time! We follow your color/design scheme to create a wonderful addition to your day. One of the great things about the fan program is that you can just add more blades based on how much information you need to convey. The one shown has the wedding ceremony, wedding party, and note from the couple. It comes fully assembled and could even be dressed up with ribbons tied through the eyelet.

And... what you've all been waiting for (or did you read ahead? :) ) The winners of the 20% discount of wedding invitations are:

Rosalyn Stockdale
Christina Steelman
Sylvia Gomez

Congratulations! Tomorrow's the Grand Prize drawing! Come back and see who wins!

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