Customized Guest Books with Polaroid’s, Scrapbooks, and MyPublisher

As you all know by now, Designs In Paper is all about custom designed wedding details. This is one of the most wonderful and remembered days of you life so why be like everyone else. Every aspect of your wedding should reflect you and your honey’s personality and style. If you are like us, you cringe at the thought of another tufted white satin guest book with ribbons, pearls, rhinestones topped off with a white plumed pen. EEEK! The latest trend is to do a Guest Book that is a real keepsake for you, the bride and groom. There are several options for this.

Polaroids and Photo Booths:
A huge trend right now is using a couple of Polaroid cameras, double sided tape, and a blank scrapbook. Guests can take photos of themselves, stick them to a blank page, and write well wishes to the couple all around the photo.
For those of you lucky gals renting a photo booth, have the guests use the photo boot images to stick in the book and sign the page.

Another option is to just make a cute scrapbook of the couple and leave the one page as blank piece of paper so that guests can sign the book.

You could create a professional bound book using MyPublisher.com. This is a really cool site that you can use to make books, cards, and calendars. At first glance, these are just photo books but we see creative opportunities! You download the MyPublisher program. Upload you photos and build the book. You can choose from several different styles, covers, and photo lay outs. The sky is the limit. We really like them clean and simple. If you want lines for the guest signing page you will need some type of photo editing software or PowerPoint (ex below). There are several places you can download free fonts on the net. Just do a search for free fonts. Download and install them and use them to create your guest signing page. To create a photo image in PowerPoint just create the slide the way you want it to look and do a Save As and name you file and in the Save As box select JPG. It will ask you if you want to save the current slide or all slides and if you only have one slide click current and your done. Upload all of the images into the MyPublisher program and then just drag the photos into place. This is a great way to have a professional keepsake that your guests will love. Keep in mind; the pages are slick so you will need Sharpies or another permanent option for the guests to use to sign the pages. Did I mention the amazing price?! These bad boys are $29.80! That price gets you a linen covered (color of your choice), 8.75 X 11.25 landscape book and includes 20 pages. There are several book companies out there if you don’t like what MyPublisher offers. We have printed a book with MyPublisher and were very satisfied with their service and quality so that’s why we are writing about them in this post.
We hope this opens you minds to great creative ideas for your guest book. As always if you have any questions, give us a call!

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