2009 Calendars are here!

Did you know that in a mere 50 days it's 2009? Can you believe that? We've got our 2009 calendars ready to go! They are a great Christmas gift, a cool gift for you wedding party, teachers and hostess gifts - not to mention a cool way to stay current in your own world! The best part is that they are refillable - so if you have that someone on your list that is hard to buy for - you've got an idea they will love (over and over!)! Many of you who read the blog may not have seen them before - a little description... They are a 4x6 monthly calendar with cool paper designs. They come with a frame and in 2010 and beyond, you just order the refill. If you want to order, simply go into the calendar link on the website and click on order now/SHOP. You can pay via Paypal and we'll ship them to you!

Here's a little peek of a few months... Enjoy! We'll be posting other styles in the next couple of weeks, so check back if this one isn't 'you'!

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