More booth shots

Just wanted to let you know we'll be at the Enchanted Brides show at the Country Music Hall of Fame on Thursday (wait, that's today!). The show is from 5p - 9p. So come on out and see us!

Now, back to the booth from Saturday. We wanted to show a lot of different styles for this show - and new ideas from other shows we've done - so we had a great time using metallic papers and new graphic designs. Check out the cool custom wine label we made to go with the invitation - imagine that on your wine/sparklings favors! On the other boards, we had some fun ideas - truffle box and water bottles labels and one of the cutest popcorn box labels you'll ever see. If your a movie buff and you're having a fun event (doesn't even have to be a wedding), think of how cool that would be.

SO, enjoy the rest of the booth - and we'll have shots from the Enchanted Brides next. And I'll just give you a hint... we have the coolest business cards we've ever done at this show! We cannot wait to give them out!

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