Seeing Green (Helllllo Spring!)

Happy Spring! I had intended to get this post out for last week, but it's May wedding invitation production time in the studio so it's been incredibly busy! Everywhere you look there is paper - glorious, wonderful paper!
As the flowers and leaves are popping out, I started thinking about the change of seasons and thought back to my college days when I'd drive from my hometown to college after weekend visits... Spring was fabulous because going down the mountain, there would be a billion shades and tints of green all popping out. So as Spring comes to you - look up and out and see all those shades of green. And then... think of other color combinations that are really great with green these days. I made up a few color combinations that I've played around with lately... Think of purples/pinks/reds as complimentary to green giving it warmth and contrast. The blues give it a calming, more relaxed scheme and then of course the basic colors of black, grey, and brown... All of which green is fabulous with!

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