Paper Trends for 2009 - Part 1

We are catching our breath - after a wonderfully busy May. It's impossible to believe that it's June 1st tomorrow. Already. BUT, it's officially Summer at my house... I saw fireflies tonight for the first time :) After a fabulous weekend in NYC for National Stationery Trends, we wanted to give you highlights of the glorious rows and rows of paper goods!

Purple! We have already seen this trend in our invitations and other papers goods early in the fall last year - and it continues this year. Think deep and bold purples... not so much lilac/lavender. Paired with silver/gray, apple green, magenta, or just monochrome tones.

Lattice - A similar trend to last year's with repeating patterns... with a bit of modern trend... more structured repeating patterns as seen below.

Monograms are still hot... as seen in our samples above. Lots of single letter monograms on products this year... everywhere.

More to come in Part 2... and Welcome to June!

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