Happy Mother's Day!

Designs in Paper wants to say Happy Mother's Day to all the moms out there! Today's the day when you should remember to tell your mom... or your 'other mother' how very special they are to you. Thanks to them (in part at least) we're who we are today. I've often thought about how things change with moms and daughters.

When you're 5, you think your mom's the coolest thing in the entire world and you want to be just like her.
When you're 15, you think that she totally doesn't understand what you could be going through.
When you're 25, you think gee, I'm not going to be like her. I will be different.
When you're 35, you start realizing she was pretty smart. and cool.
When you're 45, you wake up and realize you are turning into your mom. for good or bad.
(I guess we have to wait for a while to find out the rest... I have to get older first!)

For me, every day has a little something that's got my mom written all over it. And that's a wonderfully good thing. While I can't give her the real hug anymore, I can remind everyone who can to show their moms how much they mean to them (not just today, either). For all the other women in my life that are my other moms, thank you - for all you are to me.

Don't forget...
Give someone a hug today and smile at everyone you meet. It'll make someone's day - and it can't hurt yours.

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