Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! Remember to tell dad or the guy who is just like your dad how much he means to you today... For me, it's all about remembering my dad and my grandpa... the first opposite sex loves of my life. While I didn't get a long time with them, I did get a lifelong learning experiences which thankfully I was paying attention to. My dad taught me how to build a house at 13... he taught me about being self-employed and managing your work. Both my dad and grandpa were incredibly creative with wood... they always gave me a little corner in the shop to do my own creations... I follow in their creative footsteps with paper since I was always a little hesitant with a saw!

Today, I smile knowing that they gave me the greatest love and memories... I thank them for teaching me. and holding my hand. and everything little thing they did to make me who I am today.

So, make sure you tell your dad you love him. and give him a hug. and learn from him. It's something you'll always look back on and remember. no matter how long it has been.

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