Happy Thanksgiving!

As unbelievable at it may seem, tomorrow is Thanksgiving in the US. We've had an incredibly wonderful, crazy time since we last blogged in September... with the most weddings that we've ever done in one month this October and already meeting lots of incredible new 2011 brides. Along with that, we unveiled our 2011 monthly calendar - our 10th anniversary edition. With all of this, I must pause and just breathe. And with the exhale, be so incredibly thankful and grateful.

The list of things to be grateful for is long. Every day, I realize there's something new to be thankful for. Some of them are trivial, almost silly. Some of them are brand spankin' new people that have come in to life, some are people that have been there all along - even when I wasn't so great at recognizing them... or what they mean to me. Tomorrow, I'll go on the crazy dash from family to family - trying to see everyone. As I drive to the craziness, I'm going to think about all how incredibly lucky I am. Lucky to have family that I can see with just a quick trip in the car... a big, loud love that you cannot mistake. Lucky to have the opportunity to do a job that gives me a creative outlet and makes people smile, ooh, and aahhh. Lucky to have friends that love me unconditionally even when I don't remember to call them back, email, or text for weeks and weeks on end. Lucky to have my 'other family' network of people who have been there for me in crazy good, crazy bad, and just plain crazy times... and who I know will be there for me when I need them, want them, and allow me to be me. Lucky to have love... in so many ways, shapes, form and fashion. And just simply Lucky.

Maybe more important than thinking of how thankful I am tomorrow, I will be better day after tomorrow at remembering how lucky I am... and practice more often to show gratitude for the big and little things every day that make me so fortunate.

So, for today - Thank you. Thank you for stopping in to read a little note... whether you're 'real' family, 'other' family, friends, or simply a guest... Hope you take some time to reflect and breathe... and be thankful. Happy Thanksgiving.

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