Tennessee - Tuscany Wedding...

We had the best time creatively with this wedding - vintage maps, travel-theme since the bride was from South Africa and the groom was from Australia. The wedding was intimate, which makes for getting to do so overly-cool paper goods! Check out all of the photos and the story over on the Cedarwood blog. Thanks to the ever-wonderful Kristyn Hogan for the photos (soooo love them). (and we also loved getting to meet Jessica Sloane of Lovebird Style while we were there!)

The program was a passport-style booklet - complete with passport stamps!
(we didn't make the garland for this, but we could have :) )

We took the 1932 Chuckle Map for Tennessee and added all their wedding details and Cedarwood's location on it and used it as the direction card.

We made vintage travel stickers - just like you used to see on suitcases...

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Linda at Cedarwood Weddings said...

We have to say you guys 'nailed it' on this one! Thanks for always doing such a great job for Cedarwood.