Veteran's Day..

While typically we have a post about some fabulous paper goods we’ve made, today’s post is about a newspaper photo from my childhood that on a day like today is way more important than any cool paper we’ve done. The photo is a picture of my grandfather on Veteran’s Day with his World War I uniform cap in his right hand across his chest. His head is bowed. It is a part of a Veteran’s Day celebration that as a flutist in the band I was standing at attention (hoping that my knees would not lock) while a prayer was prayed. I could barely see him through the lines until the next day when the local newspaper came out and he was on the front page - head bowed, hand over his heart. That moment. On that day and always, I am proud that I am his granddaughter. He was very active in the local veteran’s group so I grew up with a great respect for the men (in those days) that had fought for our freedom. I had never thought much about the ones that didn’t come back - or came back wounded at that point in my life. Today, I pause to think about those men and women who have fought - and continue to fight - so that I can be free - to choose what I do, where I go, and what I think. Today, I remember the newspaper photo of my grandpa and know that he’s one of my biggest heroes -always. As you see the brave ones that still walk among us, show them the respect and gratitude that they deserve - not just today, but always. They fought for us so we could do just that.

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