More Megan & Kevin Real Wedding Details

There were so many awesome details of Megan & Kevin's wedding to share! First, we have to share the so-uber-fabulous guest book idea. Oftentimes, the guest book is the hardest thing to figure out since you may not want a book that will just sit on a shelf... Megan called to ask if we could do a cutout of their logo - and just look at what she made for their guest book! I couldn't wait to get some photos to be able to post them!

The second detail for today's post is the unique way that Megan honored those who were no longer with them. They had notes that had been written to Megan (or about Megan since one was before she was born...) and we took those hand-written letters, transferred them to tissue paper and made a flower that fit into Megan's bouquet. How incredibly special - and I must say the coolest thing we have ever done to help honor loved ones.

Check out yesterday's post for links to other photos by Fete Nashville and Evin Photography as well - there's so much more fabulous there!

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