2012 Fall Color Report

Today kicks off Fashion Week in NYC - and if you've read our blog for a while, you know that means that it's time for the Fall Color Report come out from PANTONE. As *the* color people, each spring and fall they release their predictions for hot colors of the season. In turn, those colors manifest themselves everywhere. As you'd expect, the 2012 Color of the Year, Tangerine Tango is right there amongst the colors as well as fabulous colors to coordinate with it... or if you're just not a tangerine kind of person, check out the other color combinations that we've already seen as really hot colors for the year. Titanium is fabulous with so many of the colors - imagine it with the yellow/gold, chartreuse or pink. Or in our previous blog of the day, the blush and titatium gray. Sooo romantic. For some really bright, happy summer moments, the chartreuse, hot pink and tangerine --- makes me want to have a picnic! Off we go to imagine incredibly cool paper goods with these colors!

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