A Little Green Inspiration...

To wrap up St. Patricks Day weekend, we wanted to post a few pictures of a fabulous set of invitations we made to show the variety of things you can do to jazz up a standard invitation - and what better way to do that than with several table settings from the Cedarwood Style Show. We took a standard invitation and paired with a double mat with bakers twine and nameplate for one look and then a second look in a pewter metallic envelope with a apple green ribbon and nameplate. Both are a great way to add some interest and texture to your invitations as well as convey the style of your day. The first, with the bakers twine, would be a bit more casual while the ribbon and pocket would be convey more elegance... We love both looks and also did a seating chart (yes, we do those!) and programs to match. Enjoy the look - and check out the rest of the details here. Also, thanks to all the photographers - they're listed on the Cedarwood blog as well!

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