Borrowed and Blue...

Are you a facebook fan? If so, you may have seen a post on our page about being published over on Borrowed and Blue a couple of weeks ago... We had such a fabulous time making these paper goods so I wanted to post a couple of the pictures of the invitation for you to check out. You'll have to also go check out the entire story and post here so you can see how fabulous everything was... not just the cool paper. Thanks to Stan Dunlap Photography for the photos! "The Story of Us"... a sweet story about how you meet, fall in love, and then the invitation to the start of the new chapter in your lives. A very cool invitation, booklet style - with the RSVP as the library 'check out' card. The menu was detailed like a story - preface, story, sweet endings. (first photo not the professional photo, by the way...)

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