Fall 2012 Pantone Color Trends

We're hardly getting into Summer and thinking of poolside, sun dresses, farm-fresh veggies and Fourth of July, but the Pantone color people are already thinking about fall and spring for color trends. This fall's color trends (as seen above) are a mix of unexpected colors - after all, you don't think of bright chartreuse as a fall color... but even today as I was looking outside I could see a tree that's already wishing for more water - and easily there were greens, browns, gold and orange all visible. The great thing about the brighter colors of this palette mean that the summer feeling (and great looks with a tan!) will be around in fashion for longer this year. Along with the brights of the palette, some great options for softer, muted colors will be present - meaning if you really want that blush and titanium wedding, you'll have lots of luck finding great rehearsal dinner clothes, etc. as you're out shopping in a few weeks. So, when you are escaping the heat and heading for the mall, think of this palette when the fall lines start arriving in a few weeks... they can't be far away, I noticed Hobby Lobby was putting Christmas decorations out this week!

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