Bethany and Erin: Real Wedding

I admit it. I have been so excited to get to post these photos! Bethany and Erin are just the coolest couple... and I knew they were going to have the most amazing day from the first time we met... yes, they got married at Historic Cedarwood (so you know it's gonna be amazing). Yes, they had Kristyn Hogan as their photographer (double amazing.) Cool paper goods (even if we say so.) BUT, you knew, because they were just so incredibly happy and the perfect pair. Sometimes you meet a couple and you can just tell... and Bethany and Erin are one of those couples. So, now... here are the incredibly fantastic, amazing photos of Bethany and Erin's wonderfully happy day.

{Thank you so much Bethany and Erin for allowing us to be a part of your day!}

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