2013 Color Trend : Fall Fashion Color Trends

It's Fashion Week in NYC and that means that there's a new release from THE color people, Pantone, for their trend predictions for fall. You say, ok, why's that something I might want to know? Well, if you're planning your wedding for the fall, redecorating your house or pretty much anything that might need color, you'll have an idea of what's going to be all over the place in just a few short months! With Emerald as the 2013 Color of the year, it will keep growing in popularity and there's a bit of 2012's color of the year in a richer, more fitting color for fall in the Koi. The other brights will be great to add that pop of color we all want - coupled with the foundational colors of grays and chocolates... So, when you pick up the next magazine, walk through the mall or whatever - be on the lookout - these colors will start showing up mid-summer.

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