new stamps for 2015

Each year, the United States Postal Service release new stamps celebrating a variety of things - anniversaries, people, events and are increasingly getting better at also having some really cool options for that postage that's required on whatever you mail. As a paper company, we hope they continue to understand that the large population of mail that's first-class, full-price postage rate is social correspondence and the sender and receiver would love to see cool stamps as they shift through the mail (though I imagine people shift through less and less now as they have electronic bills, etc.). There's a few new stamps that I think will look fabulous on all those invitations we're already working on... For now, the postal rates will stay the same, though there's already an increase in the works for late April - sure to add 'fun' to our summer mailing of invitations. Here's our top picks for new stamps that are going to grace envelopes wonderfully this year: These hearts make typography lovers smile just looking at them. They're already available for your Valentines. The others below are not available yet, but will be soon.
These botanical, black and white versions of both the first class, one ounce and second ounce for heavier invitations are going to be a wonderful addition to the standard wedding stamps already available. I'm certainly a lover of the water lily - especially having some in the garden and being continually surprised as they bloom, hide and generally entertain me for the summer. Won't these be nice on blush, gold and pastel envelopes announcing a garden wedding? I think so, definitely. For now, we'll watch and update as the rates for postcards and non-first class, first ounce service is very likely to see a change in the late Spring. Hopefully, the USPS plans ahead and has the stamps waiting, though, not likely.

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