2009 Trends

In the last couple of weeks, we've had the pleasure of getting to see sneak peaks of a variety of products, companies, etc. all eagerly getting products to market for 2009. So we thought we'd do a re-cap of trends we've been noticing on the web and through the sneak peaks.

Color - We've already posted the Pantone Color of the Year and we saw it with combined with a number of colors very similar to our swatches we put together. Another really big color for the year is gray... Gray and just about every color! Here's some of our samples..

Gray with lime green for a late afternoon wedding... or with lime green and sunshine orange for a fun birthday party invitation..

Or gray with a deep eggplant or purple accent for a more formal event...

Along with the color trends, there is a continuing trend of doodles or hand-drawn elements across the board from notecards, scrapbook papers, wedding invitations, etc.

Some of the elements are still fairly consistent looking like our flourish sample...

While others are more random, looking more freehand as our lingerie shower invitation..

Regardless of the type, they are definitely going to be popping up all over the design scene this year!

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