Wedding 101

In case you haven't heard (which we cannot even imagine!), Middle Tennessee has a new, exciting, way cool idea for brides. Wedding 101, a bridal resource boutique, opened on August 15th in Franklin at the Factory. You say, ok, why is it cool? Check out just some of the photos above of the Preview Party (we had the pleasure of doing the paper goods for the event )! In a fabulous space that's so inviting, you can browse vendor displays, check out their portfolios, shop, see our cool paper wedding dress that we blogged about last fall, and just hang out. Concentrate on what you really need to get done to get your list under control. (and as a shameless marketing plug, if you aren't sure what the list IS - they have our cool bridal countdown calendar there for sale :) ). Amy and Ashley are there, willing to help answer questions, etc. if you need them - or just let you browse and think and plan and dream. (and they have diet coke as well if you are so inclined!) They have LOADS of things planned to make brides planning a fun, not-so-wacky experience... so go check them out - online at wedding101.net and then GO to the boutique. It is seriously awesome.

And in case you are wondering, we took their logo and graphics and incorporated them into their invitations, a cool sign for just outside their space, a couple of different stickers for the preview and bride bags, and this cool name tag/lanyard with a cool bead. Sweet!

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