2010 Calendars are HERE!

DRUM ROLL, please! It's time to unveil the new 2010 calendar designs! YEAH! We are SO lovin' these designs! First off, we have our 9th edition of the 4x6 calendar available as both a refill and for newbies, with a cool black or silver frame. And, for the first time, two new sizes of calendars - the mini and the card size. The mini is a 3.5 inch square calendar, comes in its own display case. Then, there's the cutest, cutest version --- the card size! It's a perfect size for the desk or space that you simply can't find room for a 'big' calendar. It's about the size of a business card, comes in its own display case as well... and well, you're gonna want these for everyone you know as a little gift! We KNOW it's ONLY September, but just think, that means from now it is just a little over 100 days until Christmas. (not that we mean to stress you out!). Check 'em out... order them on our website... and love 'em for all of 2010!

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