Friday Fotos...

This past weekend, Designs in Paper was present at the Enchanted Brides Show at Cheekwood... In fact, we were in a fabulous spot right in front of the fashion show, so we enjoyed the entire event! If you haven't been to Wedding 101 yet, you probably haven't seen our cool fabric ideas... so we thought we'd do a little view of them on this post -they're in the bottom right hand photo. If you want to see them up close and personal, check out the ones at Wedding 101 in the Factory or come see us at the Franklin Bridal Ball on Thursday,September 24th. For the brides who did see us at Cheekwood, THANKS for coming! We had an awesome business card/giveaway this time around --- and the Franklin Bridal Ball will be fabulous as well. (now if THAT doesn't have your curiosity up!) We'll post closeup shots of them soon as well, but for now, just wanted to put a few shots up from Cheekwood... Come see us at the Franklin Bridal Ball, get a cool business card and check out the incredibly fabulous ideas we have for your event... whatever it is!

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