Happy November!

Seriously, can it be November now? We'd like to report an instance of time moving at warp speed, please. Just like everyone else in the US, I woke up not sure what time it was today... but the sun was shining brillantly - a welcome sight in Nashville lately. I have been waiting for a glorious blue sky to take a few photos of a maple in the front yard before I have to pick up all of the leaves... so off I go. Except... on the way, I get sidetracked by the dew on some other plants and flowers. So, I thought while I was working on a new post, I'd share what Nature's idea of bling is. (and I'm pretty sure it rocks more than a lot of other bling does.) It's amazing how it just hangs on to the very edge of these plants... all perfectly spaced and shining so brillantly.

Happy November! Soon there will be some new calendar designs that we've just finished in a brand new style!

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