New 2010 Calendar Styles...

So, we just had to put some shots up of our new 4x6 jewel case calendars... they are fab! (we are probably biased though!) We wanted to have a larger format calendar than our minis and business card versions that still didn't require a frame, etc. so, here we are! It's actuall a 6x4 calendar if you want to get really technical since it's a landscape version. We'll have them online in our store in the next few days - they are a steal at only $10 before the shipping, tax (if applicable) etc. and it's only 51 days until 2010 starts if you can even believe that. These calendars would make a great present for guys as well as gals since they are not frilly... and pink... they would mail really easy to your far-away friends (we'll even do that for you if you like!) and everyone at our shows have loved them!
Have a great week! More cool stuff to come soon!

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