Happy New Year!

A brand spankin’ new year. Happy 2011.

It’s impossible to not reflect on the past 525,600 minutes that became 8760 hours that became 365 days. In each of our lives, there were some really wonderfully happy minutes… that you hope time stands still for so you can relish in them. There were some incredibly sad minutes… which time will never completely heal. There were loud, crazy, excited minutes. There were quiet, silent, calm minutes. Through all the minutes, we have changed. They shaped our lives sometimes dramatically, sometimes so subtly that we will never realize that there was a change. For each and every minute, hour, and day, we are thankful.

For 2011, we wish you an over-abundance of the happy, wonderful minutes… the briefest of unhappy minutes… some calm minutes to reflect and some crazy minutes to make you feel alive. And most importantly, we hope that whatever you want 2011 to be, it becomes that. For 2011, I’m not going to have goals – but intentions – strong, deliberate actions that create what I have envisioned 2011 is… minute by minute. And when I look back 525,600 minutes from now, I’m incredibly hopeful they are even better than my vision of them right now.

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