Merry, Merry....

In a flash it seems, the year has come and almost gone... For the next week, it's that time of year when everything is just crazy - schedules, families, routines (that are totally gone)... and still, there is a moment of total quiet - whether fleeting or lengthy... I pause to think of the gifts that were really, really important in life... and of course, it's not the ones wrapped under a tree. (though I will admit being an only child did offer me the chance for some really cool presents).
Instead, it's the love of my family and friends, a smile of a stranger when you say hello, the twinkle of a child's eye as they hug you, knowing that there is someone in this crazy world that loves you - unconditionally - regardless of anything else that happens. The patchwork of those gifts make us who we are - every day - without having to have a special reason or special packaging. My family is spread out and this year, we're not having the big, loud Christmas breakfast we typically do. Instead, I'll remember those special moments from the past and be thankful for the angels of my family that look over me every minute from above and know that I've been so lucky to have such special gifts in my life. And I look forward to what new gifts 2011 will bring.

Wherever you are, whatever you believe, we hope your holiday season is filled with special moments and memories that you will reflect on for years to come.

Love. Peace. Joy.

Happy Holidays from Designs in Paper

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