Want to make a difference?

So, you've been planning and planning and planning your wedding - maybe for a really long time. But, as you have done your budget, thought about the flowers, the favors, and more, you keep thinking - how can my day also be something bigger than just the amazing love I have? How can we make a difference - and an impact even to make our guests think about also making a difference? Enter Catalyst Events. Danielle's mission for her company is that no only will you have an amazing day that you will never forget - but your day can be about giving. So, when Danielle called us to ask if we'd be interested in doing a style shoot to illustrate how you can have an amazing day that makes a huge difference in the lives of others, we said YES! Jessica Rai Photography captured the images beautifully - this wonderful afternoon at Carnton Plantation in Franklin. We've just included a few shots of the paper - you'll really want to go check out the rest of the images here. and here. Also, if you're interested in Soles4Souls, check out the amazing work they do here. Thanks to Catalyst Events, Jessica Rai Photography and the team for asking us to be part of their team!

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